Private Garden Installations

The new garden landscape plan is just a start. We offer complete services in this field.

At the very beginning of the garden installation, we visit your site to determine the next steps. Firstly, we typically do terrain grading work to eliminate any issues in the future. This is a very important phase mainly at newly developed sites.

If an automatic irrigation system has been designed, this is the time to install it. After that, plant material installation is performed, followed by mulch and lawn installation.

After all of these steps your new garden is ready for the final inspection. We will give you maximum information during the final walk through, to help you maintain your garden properly. You can contact us with any questions at anytime.

We recommend installing a garden, which would mature in 3-5 years so that the maintenance takes less time. Of course, the garden can be installed at any maturity stage to comply with the client’s wishes.